STEPS provides parents with tools to keep your kids healthy and safe.

The first step in the prevention of alcohol and substance use starts at home. Have a simple talk with your kids about the risks. It’s one of the most effective things you can do. The earlier you start talking to them about substances, the better. This raises the likelihood that kids will not engage in risk-taking behaviors.

There are many ways that parents and trusted adults can get involved in our coalition and become a partner in prevention.

Parents Get Involved with STEPS
  • Attend a STEPS meeting, training, or event like Parent University
  • Use our resources to have open and candid conversations with your kids
  • Set firm rules for underage drinking, vaping, and marijuana use
  • Share our posts on social media platforms
  • Obey the CT Social Host Law and refuse to provide alcohol to anyone under age 21
  • Hold a fundraiser for STEPS
  • Practice self-care and lifelong learning. Contribute to your community. And make healthy choices. You can take better care of your children if you take care of yourself.
  • And more…contact us to discuss!

STEPS Resources for Families

Resources for Family Members

Everyone plays a role in student success, even at home. Learn how you can help youth build assets at home.

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Our Focus on Youth

STEPS was founded in 2007 with a mission to help our youth grow up to be caring, competent and successful. We develop programs and opportunities for young people to step up and showcase their best selves.

STEPS partners with Southington Public Schools to follow an Asset Building Classrooms (ABC) model. We also have a STEPS Youth Council and a classroom-based curriculum to improve student health and safety.

STEPS Youth Council