Although tobacco use among youth in Southington is decreasing  – only 7% of Southington teens report using tobacco products – the usage of vaping products is on the rise.

Teens choose to vape for many reasons. They are curious. They believe it’s less harmful than smoking. It’s cheaper than smoking or using other substances. According to the CDC, data shows that the main reason teens vape is because a family member or a friend does. Some teens think that it’s not harmful if their loved ones do it.

All these reasons are why prevention of smoking and vaping among young people is a priority for STEPS.

Data on Southington

Youth who have used a vape at any time in their lives

9th graders
11th graders
of these teens vape daily

Low perception of harm among youth

believe vapes are less harmful than regular cigarettes
are unsure which is more harmful
of youth find it easy to obtain tobacco and nicotine products

STEPS Prevention Efforts

  • Parent University
  • Escape Your Vape
  • #QuitLying
  • The STEPS Coalition Advisory Board instrumental in helping pass Tobacco 21 laws in Southington – when was it passed in Southington
  • PSAs
  • #MentionPrevention Vaping Discussion Guide
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STEPS Tobacco Vaping Prevention

Resources on Tobacco/Vaping

The My Life, My Quit program is a free and confidential service for teens who want help quitting all forms of tobacco including vaping.

Truth Initiative’s This is Quitting Program: This free mobile program is designed to help young people quit e-cigarettes. Resources are available for teens and young adults as well as parents.