C3 Curriculum

A custom curriculum that helps Southington students focus on health, safety and prevention

STEPS Communities Creating Change

One of our most important partnerships is with the Southington Police Department. STEPS built a pioneering, customized curriculum geared to the needs of our local students and community. A team of Southington police officers teaches this curriculum to grade 5 students in Southington Public Schools.

Communities Creating Change — or C3 — is tailored to the needs of today’s students and communities. It addresses important topics to help students develop and harness positive skills and assets. This helps them become their best selves. The list of topics includes growth mindset, substance use prevention, online safety, mental health, and much more.

C3 was developed with input from professionals in elementary education and substance use prevention. The curriculum uses real-world, group-focused activities to help students explore, interact with, and embrace concepts. Modules in the curriculum include:

  • Relational Capacity
  • Protective and Risk Factors
  • Growth Mindset
  • Risk-Taking Behaviors
  • Youth Substance Use and the Developing Brain
  • Internet Safety, Safe Gaming, and Digital Citizenship

  • Cyberbullying
  • Mental Health and Inclusivity

Asset Building Cops

Thank you to the Southington police officers who deliver our curriculum.

Flanders Elementary School      Detective Lopa

Strong Elementary School      Officer Medena

Derynoski Elementary School      Officer Verab

Kelley Elementary School      Officer Grigerek

Oshana Elementary School    Detective Lopa

Thalberg Elementary School      Officer Schlitten

South End Elementary School      Officer Fisher

Hatton Elementary School      Officer Olsson

Southington Catholic School      Officer Schlitten

SHS/KSA      Officer Valentine

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Our Focus on Youth

STEPS was founded in 2007 with a mission to help our youth grow up to be caring, competent and successful. We develop programs and opportunities for young people to step up and showcase their best selves.

STEPS partners with Southington Public Schools to follow an Asset Building Classrooms (ABC) model. We also have a STEPS Youth Council and a classroom-based curriculum to improve student health and safety.

STEPS Youth Council