STEPS Youth Council

A way for Southington youth to make a difference in our community

The STEPS Youth Council provides high school students who live in Southington with a unique opportunity. They take the reins to serve as leaders who help their peers make healthy choices around substance use prevention, asset building, and mental health. Projects that STEPS Youth Council members have worked on include mental health crisis and resource cards, an online form to request STEPS Liquor StickersĀ®, and much more.

STEPS Youth Council

When you get involved with the STEPS Youth Council, you can:

Develop leadership skills

Increase prevention knowledge

Get hands-on program planning and experience

The STEPS Youth Council is a group of Southington students that ranges from grades 7 through 12. They work together on projects in substance use prevention in our schools and the wider community.

The Youth Council application period is May-June.

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STEPS 2022-2023 Youth Advisors

Sophia LaBlanc
Sophia LaBlancYouth Peer Advocate
Rehana Coma
Rehana ComaYouth Sector
Rachel Stumpf
Rachel StumpfYouth Sector
Kevin Feeney
Kevin FeeneyYouth Sector
Margaret Miller
Margaret MillerYouth Sector
Sophia Sciascia
Sophia SciasciaYouth Sector

Youth Council

Alexis Nguyen
Annelise Gale
Arshi Roy
Ava LeBlanc
Christian DeMaria
Deandra BeluJohn
Devon Jasulavic
Diego Mendez
Elijah Hammond
Gianna Sena

Jackie Liebler
Jaden Pagano
Jenna Hebert
Kacie Riddle
Katherine Cavanaugh
Madison Horn
Manpreet Kaur
Maren Tarfano
Margaret Miller
Marina Chaplinsky

Marissa Stumpf
Marlee Sheehan
Michaela Lansdale
Olivia Desell
Olivia Sciascia
Paige Tierinni
Rachel Alejandro
Rachel Stumpf
Rehana Coma
Remasha Hussain

Robby Pechillo
Samantha Cassan
Saphira Cook
Sehere Coma
Sophia Sciascia
Suhani Desai
Victoria Dabrowski
Vinny Arroyo

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Our Focus on Youth

STEPS was founded in 2007 with a mission to help our youth grow up to be caring, competent and successful. We develop programs and opportunities for young people to step up and showcase their best selves.

STEPS partners with Southington Public Schools to follow an Asset Building Classrooms (ABC) model. We also have a STEPS Youth Council and a classroom-based curriculum to improve student health and safety.

STEPS Youth Council