An Asset a Day at YMCA Camp Sloper

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American Legion Auxiliary Collects Books

The American Legion Auxiliary has been collecting books to raise money for local literacy programs.  You can drop your hardcover books, paperback books, textbooks, audio books, records, cds or dvds in their drop boxes at the Southington Drive-In or in the back parking lot at the Southington YMCA.

Thank You to Our Retiring Board Members

On Monday, June 6th, we said goodbye and a very special 'thank you' to six of our STEPS Advisory Board members and our intern.

(A special thanks to our Board President, Jim Garstang, for being in all of the pictures!)

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STEPS Youth Council Asks: Do you know what chemicals are in your e-cigs?

This year, the STEPS Youth Council has been working on raising public awareness about e-cigarettes throughout the Southington community.  E-cigarettes seem to be on the rise in popularity, particularly with younger age groups and up until recently, there has been very little regulation for the manufacturers of the products.  The students found it very concerning that many people are unaware of the toxic chemicals that are found in e-cigarettes such at propylene-gylcol, formaldehyde, acrolein and aceraldehyde.   More »

8th Grade Transition Day at Camp Sloper


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Be in the Know - The Reality and Impact of the CT Social Host Law

Asset Building Champion Training

5th Grade Students Attend STEPS Asset Days at Southington YMCA Camp Sloper

Monday, May 16th and Tuesday, May 17th, the 5th grade students in the Southington Public School System spent the days at YMCA Camp Sloper with their new classmates that they will be joining when they attend DePaolo and Kennedy Middle Schools in the fall.  More »

2016 Prom Promise Campaign

Both the Southington junior and senior proms are just around the corner and the annual STEPS prom campaign is underway. More »

Be in the Know - The Reality and Impact of the CT Social Host Law