A PROMising Community

Look at all of the community members PROMising to keep our Southington kids alcohol and substance free during Prom!!  Here in Southington, we are proud to make substance abuse prevention a priority!


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Parents PROMise a Safe Party

Since high school can be a time that students begin to engage in risk taking behaviors, Tina Riccio (mom of a SHS junior) knew it was the right time to set the tone for alcohol and substance free parties.  Substance free parties are especially important when it comes to the prom season and summer vacation right around the corner! 


The PROMise isn't just for students!  The whole community can come together and PROMise to not provide the youth here in Southington with alcohol and substances on prom night.  Below are a few of our community members who have supported the PROMise already - have you?!

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The PROMise!

Southington High School's Junior Class Advisors, Kristin Bellis and Kate Tavera, helped kick off the PROMise this week!  Junior Class Officers were able to visit their peers during assigned class periods and encourage them to take the PROMise!  By signing the PROMise, students are pledging to remain alcohol and substance free.  BUT WAIT - it is not just for the students!!  Did you know adults and anyone in the community can make the PROMise by not providing our young people with alcohol or substances?  Click More »

STEPS Advisory Board Member Presents at National Conference!

STEPS is proud to boast about Advisory Board Member Heather Clinger!   More »

The Observer Reports Good Deeds Only!

To help promote Good Deeds Week, the Southington Observer reported only positive news for the week of April 3-9!  By showcasing all the positive happenings in our community, the Observer continues to be an Asset Building Communicator!  Thank you to the Southington observer and to the Editor, John Goralski, a STEPS Advisory Board member.

Kelley Elementary School is Doing Good Deeds Week Right!

Take a look at all the good deeds Kelley Elementary School has done for Good Deeds Week!  Great job to the students and staff at Kelley!

DES Students Embrace March's Asset of the Month

JD Vance dressed as Harry POTTER and Calvin Vance dressed as Flat Stanley to celebrate the March Asset of the Month: Reading for Eleasure at Derynoski Elementary School!

Shining Stars at DES help put Good Deeds in action!

The fourth graders at Derynoski Elementary School have been busy during Good Deeds Week!  Look at all the Good Deeds these shining stars have been up to!  A special thank you to Ms. Vance for all her help!

A Good Deed Makes Friday Even Better!

The Southington Community YMCA's Learning Center's Room 6 brought John Myers, Executive Director, this beautiful picture!  The kids were excited to do this good deed for their pen pal!