Ways To Get Involved

We are proud to live and work here in the Southington community because ツwe believe it takes a village to raise a child. ツMembers of our coalition represent all 13 sectors of our community and play important roles. ツWhether you are a parent, business owner, law enforcement officer or part of our educational system, you can make a difference with substance abuse prevention. ツContact usツtoday and we will find a way to get you involved in our work!

As a coalition, we have worked on numerous projects and initiatives in these past nine years and although change doesn窶冲 happen overnight, we are making a difference.ツ

Here are some statistics we are proud of:

For the developmental assets, since we have started窶ヲ

  • The caring school climate asset has increased by 12 percentage points
  • Parent involvement in schooling has increased by 10 percentage points
  • Youth feeling that they are a resource in our community has increased by 9 percentage points
  • Family Boundaries has increased by 9 percentage points
  • Adult role models and positive peer influences have both increased by 13 percentage points
  • And the equality and social justice asset has increased by 12 percentage points
  • 30 day use rates for alcohol has decreased 6 percentage points, 4 percentage points for tobacco, and for marijuana and prescription drugs, the percentage has remained the same, which in today窶冱 culture, that is a positive.
  • The perception of parental disapproval for alcohol has increased by 7 percentage points, meaning youth believe their parents would not approve of them using alcohol and perception of risk has increased 14 percentage points, meaning more kids think using alcohol is risky.