STEPS Youth Council New PSA

By Julia Brilla, Catherine Myers and Carson Stifel (STEPS Youth Council Members)


For our project, we chose to write and direct a PSA about e-cigarettes. As we brainstormed, we were inspired by viral cooking videos on social media websites such as Facebook and Youtube. Our PSA featured a person combining household chemicals that are found in e-cigs and “baking” them in the oven as if they were making something to eat. When they opened the oven, the concoction of chemicals was turned into an e-cigarette. The closing line was “If you wouldn’t eat it, then why would you smoke it?” Our hope is to educate people about what is in e-cigarettes because if they know what chemicals they’re consuming, they’ll be more likely to stop smoking them.
Check it out and let us know what you think!

For behind the scenes of the making of our PSA, click below to check out the footage (created by Youth Council Members Josh and Morgan Maccione)

Behind the Scenes