STEPS Youth Council Asks: Do you know what chemicals are in your e-cigs?

This year, the STEPS Youth Council has been working on raising public awareness about e-cigarettes throughout the Southington community.  E-cigarettes seem to be on the rise in popularity, particularly with younger age groups and up until recently, there has been very little regulation for the manufacturers of the products.  The students found it very concerning that many people are unaware of the toxic chemicals that are found in e-cigarettes such at propylene-gylcol, formaldehyde, acrolein and aceraldehyde.  

In order to get their message out, the students designed posters for Kennedy and DePaolo Middle Schools as well as Southington High School.  The chemicals in e-cigarettes are found in things such as anti-freeze, nail polish and embalming fluid.  Each day a different chemical poster was added to the wall until the final poster asking, "Do you know what chemicals are in your e-cigs?" was posted.

Recently, the FDA has passed a new ruling that will classify items such as e-cigarettes as tobacco products, subjecting those products to the same scrutiny and regulation that cigarettes have now.  This will go into effect August 8, 2016.  Although we are hopeful that this change will make a difference in the products offered, we still believe that consumers should know what they are putting into their bodies.