Parents PROMise a Safe Party

Since high school can be a time that students begin to engage in risk taking behaviors, Tina Riccio (mom of a SHS junior) knew it was the right time to set the tone for alcohol and substance free parties.  Substance free parties are especially important when it comes to the prom season and summer vacation right around the corner! 

Tina's son, Anthony, was able to have a raging party with about 80-90 kids who accepted the invitation knowing the rules of the night. Students were at the door to welcome their friends with clear rules and expectations. The partiers had to bring their bags and belongings to the garage where they were searched by Tina and her husband, Mike Riccio.  Students were not allowed to go to their cars and if they left, they were not allowed back. Parents of the students were welcomed over for coffee and to check out the party; some came and many provided snacks and other food.

The Riccio's also received many calls from parents seeking assurance that the party would be alcohol and substance free.  By receiving that support from other parents in town is a testament to the greater community's commitment to keeping our kids safe. The Riccio's are thankful other parents supported their effort and share their concern for our youth. The Riccio's credit STEPS and their community partnerships for this change in culture.  All the party-goers followed the rules and the Riccio's had about 40 sleepover guests. The kids had a blast and partied the night away – safely!

Here in Southington, we believe in keeping our kids safe.  Kudos to the Riccio Family for helping us make substance abuse prevention a priority!