Good Deeds Week is Coming Back to Southington!

Join us and celebrate Good Deeds Week! Are you IN?

When: April 3rd to April 9th

How: Post pictures of your Good Deeds on the Southington STEPS Facebook page or email them to We will show the community through pictures all of the Good Deeds that happen everyday here in Southington.

Why: Good Deeds Week is an effort to promote the asset of positive peer influence and make Southington an even better place to live!

Join the global movement of doing good!  For more information on this initiative, please visit the Good Deeds website!



Here are a few examples of Good Deeds that can be done at Home, in School, and in the Community from the STEPS Coalition Advisory Board:


-offer to do chores for a family member

-tell a family member you love them

-write a thank you card to your parents telling them all the reasons you appreciate them

-apologize to your siblings for teasing them

-remind your siblings of their positive attributes and support them

-surprise someone in your house with a gift, like a book or their favorite candy or clothes

-set up/ plan a fun day with a family member (it can be a surprise or not) like going to dinner at a new restaurant or going to see a concert or spending a day shopping in a new town/city

-call up your relatives, especially your older ones, and talk to them, ask them how they are doing, and make plans to spend time with them

-ask your grandparents to teach you something, like a family recipe, or tell a story. They will appreciate that you care enough to want to learn from them. Passing down traditions is fun.

– start a nonprofit run by your family. At family reunions, instead of getting each other  gifts, you can give to a greater cause that you all care about

-give good advice to a younger sibling

-make a homemade gift like a photo album with good memories to give to your family


-exchange letters with your friends at lunch saying all the reasons you're glad you are friends and reminding them of all the funny memories you have

-write your teachers a letter of appreciation

-hold the door open for someone else

-write your principal or school administrator a thank you letter

-do something to improve your school, whether it's starting a new project, suggesting an improvement, or dedicating a monument or plant to beautify the school

-donate books to the school library

-offer advice to students in younger grades

-help out classmates or students with their studies or offer to tutor them in a subject they struggle in

-refer classmates to clubs they might like

-join a community service club at your school like Key Club or Interact

-put on an art show or event at the school to raise money for charity

-go out and cheer for one of our sports teams at a game to show them your support. Make signs for all of the players and bring them snacks like cookies or something healthy like oranges

-spread school spirit and positivity by posting a list of all the reasons you love your school. This can be a group project where a whiteboard is left in the library and all students can write positive things on it.

-support one of the local middle or elementary schools by bringing them books, reading to them, or mentoring the students. Or prepare a fun presentation about the importance of kindness that we can present to them with the permission of the principal

-donate extra school supplies to the student activities fund for needy students

-lend a classmate paper or a pencil or whatever they need

-distribute helpful sticky notes or erasers to classes

-bring in a snack for your favorite class

-compliment everyone you see

-smile at people in the hallway

-sit with someone who is sitting alone or ask them to sit at your table with your friends

-start a project where everyone wears a word on their shirt that states a positive attribute, like kindness, hope, inclusiveness,etc. the word can be drawn on paper and taped to the shirt. It can be a special spirit day at school called positivity day.

-bring in a guest inspirational speaker to school to talk about how they can be kind to others


-help the homeless (collect toiletries that can be handed out: toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc)

-donate blood

-bring in your neighbor’s garbage can

-have a lemonade stand and donate proceeds to a local charity-donate to dog shelters

-promote pet adoption and spread awareness of the cruelty of puppy mills

-knock on your elderly neighbor's door and ask them if they'd like you to mow their lawn or rake their leaves for free as part of a kindness project

-start a drive for your local food bank

-hand out papers in a busy public place like the grocery store saying nice reminders like "how many times have you made someone smile today?" These posters can advertise good deeds week.

-volunteer to clean up a local park

-visit/volunteer at our local calendar house or nursing homes