DePaolo students create prevention app

Three eighth grade DePaolo Middle School students combined prevention efforts with 21st technology to create an app that would allow the Southington community to have prevention at their fingertips. ツSammi Bray, Cathryn Clynes and Alina Rivera worked together over a four month period to research, conduct interviews and code an app that would help with prevention efforts for local residents.

These amazing youngsters were motivated when given a project-based learning assignment. ツBy researching, interviewing and sharing ideas, the girls coded an app that included information on drugs, what kids of prevention clubs can be joined and a place where users can leave comments and seek further information. ツThe students were able to test the app out on sixth graders and receive feedback about how to make it most worthwhile for students.

The talented youth creators won first place in the eCybermission for their prevention app and were able to each receive a scholarship for their efforts!

Southington grows great kids – these young ladies are proof of how to make substance abuse prevention a priority in the Southington community. ツWe are incredibly proud of these students and wish them the best of luck as they venture on to 9th grade!