Dangers of Tobacco Use

Dangers of Tobacco Use

Facts and Statistics

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States.

8.6 million people live with a serious illness caused by smoking.

On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women in the United States

Health Effects of Tobacco Use

Smokers are at higher risk for diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels.

Smoking can cause lung disease by damaging airways & the small air sacs in lungs called alveoli.

Smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in the body: liver, stomach, lungs, colon, kidney & other.

Smoking can make it harder for a woman to become pregnant and can affect her baby’s health.

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body.

Why Quit?

Quitting tobacco can improve health, self-esteem and quality of life.

Quitting lowers chances of having cancer, heart attack or stroke.

Quitting tobacco will make skin look healthier and more youthful.

Family and friends will be protected from the dangers of second hand smoke.

Breathing will become easier.

Ways to Quit Smoking
People who want to quit smoking have much higher chances in succeeding if they talk with their doctors and take advantage of counseling resources in addition to prescription medications and nicotine replacement therapy.ツ Using counseling and medications together is more effective than using either one alone.

Medications used for treating tobacco dependence include:

Nicotine replacement products such as:

Over the counter products: Nicotine patch, gum and lozenge

Prescription products: Nicotine patch, inhaler and nasal spray

Prescription medications (non-nicotine):

Bupropion SR (Zyban)

Varenicline tartrate (Chantix)

Thank you to our friends atツUniversity of Saint Joseph, School of Pharmacy ツfor this helpful information.