Positive Youth Development

  • The Sweetest Things in Life are Drug Free

    When anyone thinks of February, they anticipate chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and all sorts of heart shaped expressions of love. However, this February 14th, the 9th graders at Southington High School received a treat with a different meaning.

  • What it means to say, “I’m in.”

                You might hear people say, “I’m in!” when they talk about STEPS but where did that phrase come from? What does it mean to be “in” with the STEPS coalition?

  • A new theme for YMCA Annual Dinner: Southington, an exceptionally caring community!

    (Featured in the photo from left to right, Sean Erwin, Rachael Fabian, Joe Rogus, Beth Smedick, and John Myers)

  • STEPS Introductory Video

             Since 2008, STEPS has taken Southington by storm. Between ABC classrooms, local events, newspaper articles, public service announcements and spoken word, STEPS has become a name in town. However, sometimes the name doesn’t give justice to all of what STEPS does within this great community. So, what exactly is STEPS?

  • A New Year窶冱 Resolution You Can Keep!

    What do Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD have in common? Both sent out a survey to nearly 2,300 eleventh and twelfth graders to find out what teens find dangerous about driving during the holiday season.

  • Toys for Tots is a “Town-Wide Success” 窶 and a great achievement for two!

    There is something to be said about a student’s determination and passion for good causes and making positive contributions to his or her community. It takes a very brave, compassionate and driven person! A great example of how youth in Southington continuously make this town a better place to live for everyone was the COMETS … Read More

  • STEPS Encourages A Substance Free Holiday for Teens!

    Monday, December 12th was the first day for Queen Street and River Road drivers to view the newest STEPS billboard, which encourages parents and families to celebrate the holidays with their teens, substance free! This is the third of a string of billboards placed throughout Southington in the past year. STEPS and the Plainville Youth … Read More

  • Know! What To Say about Rx Abuse

    From: Know@DrugFreeActionAlliance.org In a recent past Know! Parent Tip, we discussed the skyrocketing number of preteens and teens abusing prescription medications; Every day, about 2,500 American youth try their first pain pill (for a high). We also identified some general thoughts that reportedly cross young peoples’ minds when considering taking that first pill.

  • STEPS Week begins Sept 18!

    By Evelyn Ciaburri To kick off autumn, Southington’s Town-Wide Effort to Promote Success will be hosting its second annual STEPS WEEK from Sunday September 18thto the Saturday September 24th! This is a week dedicated to creating awareness of our initiative throughout the Southington community. Not only is it a way for students and parents to … Read More

  • Students Attend Leadership Conference

    By Sean Erwin Hello STEPS Community: Wow…what a weekend!

  • Program at St. Dominic Shared Good Information

    By Susan Saucier On Thursday May 26th, The Church of St. Dominic held a program for parents about the positive impact STEPS is having in the community and how they can help.  The speakers were Susan Saucier, Director of Southington Youth Services, Steven Nyerick, School Counselor at DePaolo Middle School and Sue Walbert, Project Coordinator … Read More

  • Prom-Bound Seniors get messages from 5th Graders

    Southington's Department of Youth Services, the gifted and talented elementary school program, Project Discover, and Southington Town-wide Effort to Promote Success (STEPS) teamed together on a project where fifth-grade students created cards for seniors going to the prom.  The hand-written messages were handed out to the senior students on Friday, the day before the prom.  

  • Youth Council Seeking New Members

    The STEPS Youth Council is a group of 12 Southington students who make decisions about the direction of youth activities and youth involvement for STEPS in the community.  The STEPS Youth Council is a counterpart of the STEPS Advisory board and gives youth the opportunity to have an active voice.  In order to be a … Read More

  • Know! Summer is a Risky Time for Tweens

    Summer! Just the mere thought of it excites most students, yet concerns many parents (and for good reason).  Summer is a known time for increased alcohol, marijuana and other drug use, including first-time experimentation. What sets this season apart? Increased-Unsupervised-Free-Time. At this transitional age, our children naturally seek their independence and our trust. But, the … Read More

  • STEPS Informational Meeting at St. Dominic Church

    For parents of children in grades 6 through 12 or for anyone interested in learning more about STEPS –  please join us on Thursday, May 26th, at 7:00 pm in the St. Dominic Community Learning Center and learn about the vision of STEPS to bring about positive, long-term change in our culture, one day at … Read More

  • STEPS Featured on Patch.com

    S.T.E.P.S: Leading the Way to Successful Living for Future Generations STEPS: Southington’s Town-wide Effort to Promote Success is a coalition of many sectors of our community working together to proactively bring about a positive effect on the development of the youth of our town today and in all their tomorrows.

  • Parenting Tips of the Week – April 8th

    SouthingtonParents Raising Healthy Teens – a Partnership of the STEPS Coalition and Wheeler Clinic – 

  • Asset Building Checklist for Your Organization

    There are a number of ways your organization can build assets. You can build assets internally through policies, practices, and procedures, and externally through involvement in the community and support for asset-building initiatives and efforts. While this is not a scientific assessment, you can use this checklist to see how you’re currently building Developmental Assets … Read More

  • 40 Developmental Assets

    The 40 Developmental Assets® Assets are 40 positive qualities, skills, experiences, and opportunities that are critical in the lives of children and youth. The more assets youth have, the more likely they are to succeed. 42% of youth surveyed by Search Institute have just 20 or fewer of these assets in their lives.* In Southington, … Read More

  • The Hopeful Message of the 40 Developmental Assets

    Everyone has the power to help young people succeed