• A New Partnership with Lisa, Inc.!

    STEPS & Southington Youth Services are proud to partner with Lisa, Inc. to expand ways to make substance abuse prevention a priority here in Southington!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:ツツ NOVEMBER 1, 2017 CONTACT:ツ Elizabeth Hyattツ 860.426.0946ツ ツ       LOCAL AGENCIES TEAMツUP TO TACKLE SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN SOUTHINGTON   1-2-3 Prevention, Intervention and … Read More

  • STEPS Meets with Speaker of the House

    On Monday, March 6, 2017, members from the STEPS Coalition went to Hartford to meet with the Speaker of the House, Joe Aresimowicz, on issues youth are facing here in the state. ツA special thank you to Joe for taking the time to meet with us! Pictured from left to right: Christina Simms (Director of … Read More

  • Lunch & Learn with the Clergy Sector

    The Southington Clergy Association, STEPS and the Southington Police Department hosted a ‘Lunch & Learn’ for members of the clergy sector on Tuesday, February 28th at Southington Care Center. ツThe topic was on current drug and alcohol trends, including the current opioid crisis facing our state and nation. Presenters included Pat Rehmer from Hartford Healthcare, … Read More

  • The Negative Impacts of Marijuana

         USJ APhA-ASP Generation Rx is comprised of a group of pharmacy students from the University of Saint Joseph who believe educating the public about prescription and OTC drug abuse/misuse is extremely important.  In this newsletter, we hope to share important facts about this issue while helping you and the ones you love become … Read More

  • STEPS Hosts Interactive Forums to Discuss Recent Survey Results

    On October 18th and November 9th, interactive community forums were held with various sectors throughout the community. ツThe purpose was to review and share data from our recent student survey and work with community members to create an action plan for change. ツThank you to all the participants for your time and commitment to our … Read More

  • Be In The Know: The Truth About Today’s Marijuana and the Impact on Youth

    The Be in the Know Series is sponsored by the STEPS Coalition in an effort to educate parents on the risks youth face today.     Please save the following date for the next parent information event:   May 25, 2016, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Southington Municipal Center, The Reality and Impact of the CT Social Host … Read More

  • STEPS Visits the LOB in Hartford!

      On Monday, February 29th, members of the STEPS Coalition and other local coalitions traveled to Hartford to meet with legislators regarding the future of marijuana laws in Connecticut. The event was sponsored by CAPP (Connecticut Association of Prevention Professionals). Here is an article from the event, which includes a video interview of two of … Read More

  • Be in the Know – Parents Keeping Up with Technology

    The Be in the Know Series is sponsored by the STEPS Coalition in an effort to educate parents on the risks youth face today.     Please save the following dates for the two upcoming events:   April 19, 2016, 6:30-8:00 p.m., Southington Library, The Truth About Today's Marijuana and the Impact on Youth May … Read More

  • Be In The Know: An Educational Forum for Parents

    By E. Richard Fortunato, STEPS Advisory Board Member, Media Sector 窶錬E IN THE KNOW窶 窶 STEPS As the new school year begins, Southington窶冱 Town-wide Effort to Promote Success, more familiarly known as STEPS, is off and running again as it begins its seventh year in operation with excitement.ツ So, here窶冱 a 窶save the date窶 notice … Read More

  • STEPS Receives DFC Grant for $625,000

  • STEPS Support Card

    The STEPS Support Card is now available on ourツresource page.ツ The Support Card is a summary of our findings fromツthe Search Institute’s Attitudes and Behaviors Survey that was administered in November toツSouthington 7th, 9th, and 11th grade public school students. Click here to view the STEPS Support Card

  • Generation Rx – September Edition; Molly

    MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy or molly is a synthetic drug similar to amphetamine and mescaline. Use of this drug produces increased energy, euphoria (feeling happy), changes in emotional feelings and mood.  Currently, this drug has no accepted medical use in USA, it is considered Schedule I substance. There are varying reports on the results … Read More

  • Youth Council Celebrates Accomplishments!

    The STEPS Youth Council celebrated their accomplishments at Hawks Landing Country Club this past Tuesday night.  What a wonderful way to end a great year of hard work! The following is a list of projects the Youth Council worked on this past year: YOUTH COUNCIL ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2012-2013 Tobacco Prevention:

  • Keep Your Kids Drug Free This Summer


  • Mayor Bloomberg claims Medical Marijuana is a “Hoax”

    This article was provided through the CADCA Newsletter on June 6th, 2013.

  • Generation Rx – April Edition

    Generation Rx is comprised of a group of pharmacy students from the University of Saint Joseph who believe educating the public about prescription and OTC drug abuse/misuse is extremely important.  In this newsletter we hope to share important facts about this issue while simultaneously helping you and the ones you love become more aware and … Read More

  • Courts Rule to Keep Marijuana Listed as a Schedule I Drug

    What's a Schedule 1 Drug? What does it mean that the courts ruled to keep Marijuana a Schedule 1 Drug? CADCA newsletter has provided coalitions a brief article clarifying what this means!

  • Marijuana IQ Study Successfully Defended by Scientists

    It's one thing to believe in the "stoner" or "burn out" stereotype, but recent studies have consistently defended the stereotype to in fact, be real. National Institute on Drug Abuse and also studied internationally, says that there is a strong link between marijuana use and dropping IQ rates. The article was found on CADCA Coalitions … Read More

  • Marijuana Legalization Fails According to Student Mock Election in Washington State

    The following was an article posted by CADCA on December 6th, 2012 on a Student Mock Election around the legalization of marijuana. The results are quite surprising! "The week before Washington voters passed Initiative 502 legalizing recreational marijuana for adults over age 21, youth in the state failed the same initiative by a margin of … Read More

  • The Smarter Ways to Deal with Marijuana Legalization

    On October 30th, 2012, Former Senior Policy Advisor to President Obama's Drug Czar, Kevin Sabet wrote about the smarter ways to deal with marijuana legalization. The following is his article:

  • A Weekly FAX from the Center for Substance Abuse Research

    In the October 22nd, 2012 issue of "FAX" out of the University of Maryland, this weekly update on research relating to substance abuse gives statistics on reported type of first drug use. The following is a brief summary:

  • STEPS and the Southington Police Department

    On October 16th and 17th, STEPS was asked to present information to officers at the Southington Police Department as part of their 'Community Stakeholders' initiative, where each month, a different organization is invited to educate officers on their roles in the community and how partnerships can be created. The presentation for STEPS included a brief history … Read More

  • Strict Moms Influence Kids’ Friends: Study

    Strict Moms Influence Kids' Friends: Study   Authoritative parenting can help teen friends cut drinking, smoking and drug use, researchers say By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Oct. 8 (HealthDay News) –

  • Office of National Drug Control Policy Awards $125,000 to STEPS for the Fourth Year

    Office of National Drug Control Policy Awards $125,000 to Southington’s Town wide Effort to Promote Success to Prevent Youth Substance Use in Southington.

  • Youth Who Use Marijuana Risk Cognitive Decline

    Researchers studying the harmful effects of Marijuana have recently found strong correlation to marijuana use before 18, and the long lasting, permanent and damaging decline its use can have on IQ score. "The Voice of the American Psychiatric Association and the Psychiatric Community

  • If marijuana isn’t the most prevalent “gateway” drug, what is?

    The term “gateway drug” is familiar to many. But does familiar mean understood? According to a recent study done by The Journal of School Health, many of us are misinformed of what the main gateway drug actually is. The study finds that the term is accurate but the thoughts behind “gateway drug” automatically assume marijuana … Read More

  • Teens More Likely to Try Cigarettes, Marijuana and/or Alcohol in June or July

    Teens are more likely to try cigarettes or marijuana in June or July than any other month, says Join Together, a collaboration of the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Summertime is an exciting time for kids, but down-time and less structure and supervision can have dangerous outcomes.  The following is part of an article … Read More

  • Drug Free Action Alliance is “Clearing the Air” on Teen Marijuana Use

    "Is there a link between adolescent marijuana use and the onset of psychosis (severe mental disorder, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality)? A number of studies are indicating the answer to be, “yes.” According to at least eight separate studies, subjects who used marijuana during adolescence showed a two-to-four-fold increase … Read More

  • National Study: Teen 窶廩eavy窶 Marijuana Use Up 80 Percent Since 2008, One in Ten Teens Reports Using Marijuana at Least 20 Times a Month

    From The Partnership at DrugFree.Org    

  • MADD PowerTalk 21 Partners with STEPS

    A Day to Start Talking and STOP Underage Drinking! Power Talk 21 is a national day to reinforce parents to have conversations with their teens about underage drinking.  It’s when parents, kids and communities take positive steps to open communications and work together to end underage drinking. At the talk on April 17th, MADD will … Read More

  • A New Year窶冱 Resolution You Can Keep!

    What do Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD have in common? Both sent out a survey to nearly 2,300 eleventh and twelfth graders to find out what teens find dangerous about driving during the holiday season.

  • Know! Parent Alert: Smoking Smarties and Drunken Gummies

    From: While neither of these concepts is necessarily new, Smoking Smarties and Drunken Gummies are two current trends among today’s youth that have rapidly grown in popularity thanks to YouTube, social media sites and other popular online tween/teen hangouts. If you are wondering how one smokes a Smartie or concocts a drunken gummy, just … Read More

  • New STEPS Marijuana PSA

    STEPS recently created a new Public Service Announcement about the new marijuana laws.  Click the link below to check it out and let us know what you think!  This PSA will be aired until the end of December on ESPN, Bravo, Food Network and many others!

  • STEPS Receives Year Three Funding From The Drug Free Communities Grant

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  August 31, 2011  White House Drug Policy Director Awards $88.2 Million to Local Communities to Prevent Youth Substance Use

  • Parent Tip: To Ease Back-to-School Anxiety

    From the Drug Free Action Alliance It’s a fact! Access, availability and the pressure to drink, smoke and use other drugs continues to increase as students get older. It is also true that as anxiety and stress builds, youth are at greater risk of turning to alcohol, marijuana or other substances as a coping mechanism.

  • Parenting Tip: The Athlete/Alcohol Link

     – From the Drug Free Action Alliance –  Know! The Athlete/Alcohol Link Active youth who participate in team sports are less likely to smoke tobacco or marijuana or use other illicit drugs, but they are more likely to frequently consume alcohol. While research provides only theories as to cause and effect of this athlete/alcohol link, experts … Read More

  • Know! Summer is a Risky Time for Tweens

    Summer! Just the mere thought of it excites most students, yet concerns many parents (and for good reason).  Summer is a known time for increased alcohol, marijuana and other drug use, including first-time experimentation. What sets this season apart? Increased-Unsupervised-Free-Time. At this transitional age, our children naturally seek their independence and our trust. But, the … Read More

  • 2010 Monitoring the Future Study from ONDCP



    (Washington, D.C.) – Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), today announced the awarding of $21 million in new Drug Free Communities (DFC) grants to 161 communities across the country.  The Southington Townwide Effort to Promote Success Coalition (S.T.E.P.S.) from Southington, Connecticut was one of the grant recipients, and will … Read More