• STEPS Youth Council New PSA

    By Julia Brilla, Catherine Myers and Carson Stifel (STEPS Youth Council Members)   For our project, we chose to write and direct a PSA about e-cigarettes. As we brainstormed, we were inspired by viral cooking videos on social media websites such as Facebook and Youtube. Our PSA featured a person combining household chemicals that are … Read More

  • Dangers of Tobacco Use

    Dangers of Tobacco Use Facts and Statistics Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. 8.6 million people live with a serious illness caused by smoking. On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among both … Read More

  • Lunch & Learn with the Clergy Sector

    The Southington Clergy Association, STEPS and the Southington Police Department hosted a ‘Lunch & Learn’ for members of the clergy sector on Tuesday, February 28th at Southington Care Center. ツThe topic was on current drug and alcohol trends, including the current opioid crisis facing our state and nation. Presenters included Pat Rehmer from Hartford Healthcare, … Read More

  • STEPS Hosts Interactive Forums to Discuss Recent Survey Results

    On October 18th and November 9th, interactive community forums were held with various sectors throughout the community. ツThe purpose was to review and share data from our recent student survey and work with community members to create an action plan for change. ツThank you to all the participants for your time and commitment to our … Read More

  • Youth Council Posts ‘Please No Smoking or Vaping’ Signs at Apple Harvest

    For their fourth year, the STEPS Youth Council went out to the Apple Harvest Festival prior to the start and hung signs around the common areas asking people to keep the festival smoke and vape free. The STEPS Youth Council are asking our community to set the example for our youth by being a safe … Read More

  • STEPS Youth Council Asks: Do you know what chemicals are in your e-cigs?

    This year, the STEPS Youth Council has been working on raising public awareness about e-cigarettes throughout the Southington community.  E-cigarettes seem to be on the rise in popularity, particularly with younger age groups and up until recently, there has been very little regulation for the manufacturers of the products.  The students found it very concerning … Read More

  • Apple Harvest Weekend

    On Friday, October 2nd, the STEPS Youth Council met at the Apple Harvest Festival to hang up signs asking people please keep the festival smoke-free! Prevention Coordinator, Kelly Leppard, ツjoined the students posting the signs in the common areas as well as on different booths around the festival. ツWe appreciate everyone’s cooperation trying to keep … Read More

  • STEPS Receives DFC Grant for $625,000

  • STEPS Receives SAAC’s Youth Education Award

    On September 9th, Morgan Maccione, a representative of the STEPS Youth Council, presented STEPS’ Substance Abuse Action Counil’s Photovoice Project at their Annual Meeting. ツThe photovoice project focused on youth answering the following three questions:

  • STEPS Support Card

    The STEPS Support Card is now available on ourツresource page.ツ The Support Card is a summary of our findings fromツthe Search Institute’s Attitudes and Behaviors Survey that was administered in November toツSouthington 7th, 9th, and 11th grade public school students. Click here to view the STEPS Support Card

  • Youth Council Presents Ordinances to Town Council

      On Monday, January 27, 2014 the Youth Council from STEPS presented two new ordinances to the town council members.  The youth council has been working on the ordinances with Town Attorney, Mark Sciota, for the past six months doing research and honing the language of the ordinances.  The youth council presented the two ordinances … Read More

  • Youth Proactive in the Vision of STEPS

    by E. Richard Fortunato, STEPS Advisory Board Member   As a member of the STEPS Advisory Board for Media, I've enjoyed an upfront view of the mission, work projects, contributions and stories of virtually all of the sectors making up the coalition called STEPS, Southington's Town-wide Efforts to Promote Success.   

  • Youth Council Urges Apple Harvest to be Smoke Free

    The Apple Harvest is an adored festival in Southington that brings thousands of locals to the center of town to enjoy fritters, rides and other activities. However, many complaints — just about the only complaint about the fall gathering is when people smoke cigarettes! Sure, the Apple Harvest is an outdoor activity but second hand … Read More

  • Be Smart; Don’t Start.

    DePaolo Peer Advocates have been working to prevent teen smoking at their school for years. This year, students decorated the fence outside their school with a message that reads, "Be Smart. Don't Start." In addition, students read facts about the negative effects of smoking cigarettes each morning over the intercom for one week. Great job … Read More

  • Policies Banning Tobacco Product Displays May Deter Youth Tobacco Purchases

    CADCA published a survey on December 13th regarding the purchase of tobacco products. Results stressed the significance of visible tobacco products in correlation to higher likelihood of youth purchase. The article states:

  • Marijuana Legalization Fails According to Student Mock Election in Washington State

    The following was an article posted by CADCA on December 6th, 2012 on a Student Mock Election around the legalization of marijuana. The results are quite surprising! "The week before Washington voters passed Initiative 502 legalizing recreational marijuana for adults over age 21, youth in the state failed the same initiative by a margin of … Read More

  • If marijuana isn’t the most prevalent “gateway” drug, what is?

    The term “gateway drug” is familiar to many. But does familiar mean understood? According to a recent study done by The Journal of School Health, many of us are misinformed of what the main gateway drug actually is. The study finds that the term is accurate but the thoughts behind “gateway drug” automatically assume marijuana … Read More

  • Teens More Likely to Try Cigarettes, Marijuana and/or Alcohol in June or July

    Teens are more likely to try cigarettes or marijuana in June or July than any other month, says Join Together, a collaboration of the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Summertime is an exciting time for kids, but down-time and less structure and supervision can have dangerous outcomes.  The following is part of an article … Read More

  • National Study: Teen 窶廩eavy窶 Marijuana Use Up 80 Percent Since 2008, One in Ten Teens Reports Using Marijuana at Least 20 Times a Month

    From The Partnership at DrugFree.Org    

  • Kick Butts Day!

      Thousands of students all over Connecticut will stand up in the fight against tobacco on March 21st, 2012, in over 1,100 events across the nation, for the 17th annual Kick Butts Day. This day is a celebration of youth leadership and activism in the fight against tobacco use where students encourage their peers to … Read More