STEPS Shining Stars Retire from Advisory Board

STEPS was honored to show Officer Tom Gallo, Carson Stifel and Morgan Maccione just how special they are with a little star to remember they will always be a part of STEPS.

Officer Tom Gallo has been on the STEPS Advisory Board representing the Southington Police Department for the past 7 years!  Tom has been our 'law enforcement expert' specifically helping us with our prevention work with underage drinking, safe proms, compliance check operations, take back days and pretty much a helping hand at every forum or event we have ever had.  Tom - we can't thank you enough for all of your help and for being such a great friend all of these years.  You are a true gem to this community  and we wish you the very best on your retirement.  Please know that you are a forever friend to this coalition.  (Tom is pictured with 2 plaques because he has been saying he was going to retire since 2013!)  

Carson Stifel has been on the STEPS Advisory Board for the past 4 years, joining as a freshman in high school.  It's pretty amazing how past these 4 years went by!  Carson is also on the STEPS Youth Council, bringing the student's voice into our work! Thanks for being such a positive role model for our students and a star in the Youth Council's recent electronic cigarette PSA.  We can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!

Morgan Maccione has also been on the STEPS advisory Board for the past 4 years and is also on the STEPS Youth Council.  Morgan will be attending Connecticut College this fall and will hopefully decide to be in the prevention field.  Morgan has been such a  joy to work with and joins whatever committee we ask her.  Morgan's list of projects and accomplishments for STEPS is far too long to list but this past year, she was the only student that was a table facilitator at our forums to share our survey data with the community.  Two weeks ago, Morgan presented at the Connecticut State Prevention Conference with over 250 people in attendace!  We are so lucky to have worked with you and we know that your future is also very bright!

Thank you to all of you!