Are you in? Well, if you hold the door for someone, you are!

The following is a story written by Jason Vallee on

The following is a story written by Jason Vallee on

"The second in a series of messages to help the community has a simple challenge for residents that takes just a second and could change someone’s day for the better – just hold a door open for someone today.

So are you in?

The message, part of an ongoing campaign, is designed to promote inquisitive thinking and encourage local residents and business owners to take an active role in creating a healthy, happy and engaged community.

"There will be several messages in the coming weeks, each which encourages people to think critically on how they can make a difference," said Kelly Leppard, youth prevention coordinator with STEPS, the Southington Town-wide Effort to Promote Success.

The message, seen this week throughout the community, is sponsored by STEPS. The picture shows a sign sitting in front of the Southington Municipal Center on North Main Street and is one of many throughout the community encouraging positive behavior in developing a friendlier community.

So have you held a door for someone today? If you have, then you are in. Southington Patch and its staff certainly are. Keep an eye on Patch in the coming weeks as we look at each of the messages to come.

Earlier this week, we showed the first sign which encouraged residents to take on the simple task of paying someone a compliment.

Be sure to tell us in the comments section below, what does the phrase "I'm in" mean to you?

For more on the campaign, take a look back at the article, "Bringing the Community Together – Are You In?""